Angel Light Link

Angel Light Link is a not-for-profit organisation which runs high school programs in South East Melbourne for girls in Year 7 – 12.

Angel Light Link has specifically researched and designed a program for young women, called All About You.

The All About You Prevention and Education Programs help at-risk teens to minimise harmful behaviours, and empower young women to make healthy lifestyle choices. Programs have been running in numerous secondary schools since 2006 and have been provided to over 4500 teenage girls.

Angel Light Link’s mission is to give young women hope for their future!

Angel Light Link focuses on the care and support of young women who are at-risk or who are struggling with issues such as poor body image, eating disorders, sexual abuse, depression, peer pressure and low self esteem. As an organisation inspired by values of integrity, compassion and excellence, our purpose is to help prevent harmful or abusive behaviours and to provide information, counselling and support to young women in need.

Angel Light Link was established in 2005 and has been providing information and support services since 2006.

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