The Care Factor

When Agewell Mobile Massage was just starting out, there were three key words which summarised its core values: Care, Community and Calm.

There are  number of phrases which spring to mind when I think about the first of these words:

  • Who cares?
  • Call someone who cares
  • I couldn’t care less
  • All care, no responsibility
  • Care factor zero

None of these epitomise the Agewell Mobile Massage brand. We have built a loyal client base because we are good at what we do and we do care. We care that customers have a choice not to rebook, we care that we need to give good value and we care that our vision is to be the first choice provider of mobile massage in Melbourne.

Everyone deserves to be valued as an individual and a client. Agewell Mobile Massage has spent nearly ten years caring for people through professional massage – whether active and young, injured and working or elderly and immobile. We do it because we care.

“If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it” William James


Author Info

Sandra Allars

Agewell Mobile Massage is positioning itself to be the Australian leader in mobile massage for the elderly. We are working on an accredited AgeWell Massage course to better equip therapists to work in this growing sector. This training will become part of our franchise model. Please feel free to contact us on 03 5943 2156 or send us an email here.

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