The power of touch

The last quarter of life can be a real challenge for the ageing person and their family as the simple tasks in life become less easy to carry out. There comes a time when the question of getting some help or moving out of the family home into a care facility is a reality. This step is a huge adjustment for everyone and not an easy decision to make. Over the years, we’ve consistently seen how the older we get, the more isolated and immobile we can become. Agewell Mobile Massage is privileged to be able to provide a service to many older Australians and their carers which re-connects them through the power of touch.

We are not Nurses or Personal Care Assistants; we are professional massage therapists who understand the value of tactile therapy. Whether a client is a 102 year old in a nursing home, in their mid seventies and incapacitated by Multiple Sclerosis or a stressed out carer looking after their elderly parent, the power of touch cannot be underestimated. Massage may not be able to ‘fix’ these conditions, but it does provide a better quality of life and a connection to someone who cares and will share some one on one time with that person. Agewell Mobile Massage currently partners with two nursing homes to deliver weekly massage treatments for their residents. We are proud to be the leaders in mobile massage in Melbourne.

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Sandra Allars

Agewell Mobile Massage is positioning itself to be the Australian leader in mobile massage for the elderly. We are working on an accredited AgeWell Massage course to better equip therapists to work in this growing sector. This training will become part of our franchise model. Please feel free to contact us on 03 5943 2156 or send us an email here.

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